13 thoughts on “Celebrate the Journey

  1. Barbara Cogdill

    Our time with Becky was a true blessing. The weekend was a journey in itself. The issues before hand that happened to several of our ladies were minor inconveniences but we know the evil one was doing his best to stop or at least dampen what he knew was coming. BLESSINGS beyond our expectations! Not just in our time in session but the interaction on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and wonderful closing Sunday morning. No one was ready for it to end! Thank you Becky Burgue😍😍😍


  2. Karen Binder

    God used this retreat to refresh me and point me back to Him. The lies that I was believing about myself were exposed and I was reminded once again of who I am in Christ …and who He is in the midst of this sometimes treacherous journey of life. He is all I need and He is enough! Becky’s transparency and love for each of us enabled us to be transparent as well. Our group has bonded even closer as a result… And Becky has become a part of us ❤️


  3. Michelle Anderson

    Becky was a vessel used by GOD during our FBC Retreat. She was entertaining, yet purposeful and her message was powerful, yet simple. We are sometimes so focused on the destination that we forget the journey can be the true gift. We are so glad we got to spend our weekend with Becky and she fit in like she had known us all for years. May GOD continue to use her for his glory and to bless women everywhere with her message.


  4. I enjoyed this retreat so much. God used Becky so much during this time! I felt that God was speaking just to me!!! I learned that he is enough for me. I need to go through this journey remembering that trials will come, but He is enough! I loved the fellowship I had with all the ladies too. I would love it if Becky spoke at our next retreat again!!!! May the lord bless you Becky, and thank you for being obedient to the Lord’s calling. He knew I needed to hear that.😉


  5. Pat Shell

    Our Heavenly Father is so amazing. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. He touched my life in so many ways before, during and after this Retreat. I was in awe of Him, watching as He worked out every little detail of our Retreat. During the weekend, again, He was sitting there with us teaching us and loving on us through Becky. Becky was “Jesus with skin on!” Since the Retreat ended, He keeps reminding me that He is enough for me no matter what I am going through or what journey I am on. I agree with my fellow Sisters in Christ, Becky was so transparent throughout the weekend which made it so much easier for us to let our guard down and become just as transparent with our Father and with each other. I would highly recommend Becky Burgue as a speaker to anyone for their event. Love you Becky and thank you so much for your faithfulness in answering His call. You are family now!


  6. Karen Evich

    Of all the retreats I’ve been on in past years, God really used his daughter Becky Burgue to minister to and be like a best friend, sister and Mom to so many of us. There were a lot of new friendships made. She shared her journey with us, and we shared our journey with her, at least for the weekend. I think personally that God brought me a piece of me to the retreat in Becky, as through her sharing I found myself being as one with her because of so many parallels in both of our lives. I’ve even taken a piece of her journey and started my own “today’s journey” chronicling my journey here on earth as I journey to my heavenly home one day, it has greatly helped me to deal with the day to day struggles that have been my constant companion for numerous years. As the disciples journeyed through good times and bad times, I pray that the connection with Becky continues as well and we celebrate many more retreats together in the years to come!


  7. Carol James

    What an amazing time with Jesus, Ms. Becky Burgue and all my sister’s in Christ. Becky is a phenomenal speaker who is down to earth and real. She spoke to us with such passion and such encouragement from the very heart of God’s Word. She reminded us of just Who God is to us and especially who wrote are to Him. Thank you Ms. Becky Burgue for sharing your journey and making us realize what ours is. I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry so you can bless others as you did the FBC Pompano ladies. You rock Ms. Becky!!!!


  8. Sharon

    Becky Burgue is an agent of change. She openly shares her heart with others, which leaves a profound impact on the lives of others. She exercises the power of the tongue by speaking life to dead situations. Always a positive influence operating in love and kindness. Thank you, Becky Burgue for listening, praying and sharing time with me. Stay Blessed and Highly favored as you walk in increase!


  9. Reisha Gosley

    Becky Burgue came to First baptist Church Pompano and was a guest speaker at the Ladies Spring Luncheon On June 4th. She touched our hearts in such a passionate way,and left us in high spirits , happy tears , and a beautiful memory to last a life time.It was such a pleasure to have this get-to-gether and a learning experiance of growth in our walk of faith. Thank you again for your time and prayers. we look forword to meeting again and sharing more in the near future! Lots of the best wishes along your Journey to do the lords work.you will touch alot of people!!! no doubt!!!!


  10. Joy Crawford

    Becky Burgue’s message was so inspiring and we all felt her words personally interact with our hearts!
    You will continually be in my prayers Becky as your journey continues sharing God’s Amazing Word!!


  11. Becky is a phenomenal Woman of God!!! I had the wonderful privilege of hearing her speak and not only was her story inspirational, but it was also a challenge for all of us within the sound of her voice to use of our lives for the glory of God. Her passion and relentless pursuit of God is evident as she shares her wonderful love story with Him. God has gifted her with an amazing gift to transform her life into a story – a simple story of a Father who longs to fill His house with His sons and daughters. Thank you Becky! You are an inspiration and looking forward to many more chapters, pages and stories lines as God continues to write your love story with Him.


  12. Jean Cattoi

    I would like to highly recommend the book written by Becky Burgue entitled “Snapshots from the Journey.” It was magnificent, I could not put it down! I read the book in one day and it was very uplifting. I had the privilege to teach with Becky at Gaither High School for 30 years and she has always been a shining light for Jesus in everything she does including this book!
    Jean Cattoi

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  13. Bev Jarrett

    I just finished reading Becky’s book and it was such an inspiration to me! Becky is the “real deal” and walks the walk of a true Christian! I can only aspire to be a better person by following Becky on Facebook and watching her live devotions each morning at 8:00 am. Thank you, Becky, for your inspiration to be a better Christian each and every day.


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