About Becky

Podium1Becky is a re-purposed teacher with a lifetime of experience relating to people of every age and stage. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she shares a message of hope and life. Her motto is, “Celebrate the Journey — Don’t Wait For the Destination” and her pictures from the past have become possibilities for the future.

Wife to Pete and mother to Christina and Peter, mother in love to Jennifer and grandmother to Saint, treasure hunter and upcycler , lover of the afternoon latte and a great read, she can be found on the porch.

Becky is available to speak at retreats, luncheons, and other events, and to lead workshops and times of prayer.

Please contact her at: beckyburgue@yahoo.com or 813-961-2810.

Visit her on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/Celebrate-The-Journey-Don’t-Wait-for-the-Destination


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